I was enjoying your performance of 'the one that got away (literally)' but then I heard the rape joke and stopped watching. I just thought it was a bit insensitive and especially after the laughter from the audience it made me feel sick to know how accepted a joke about such an act is now and how it's 'funny.' I just wanted to give you an opinion is all. I still love a lot of your videos, just that kinda got to me. from Anonymous


You’re entitled to your opinion and I respect it. 

It’s an odd thing for me, because after my sister committed suicide, anytime someone joked about suicide, I hated them. When people casually say “Oh, if I had to sit in traffic for one more minute, I’d kill myself”, I would scream on the inside. I was so angry at anyone who would belittle a personal tragedy by joking about it.

But as time went on and I healed, I realized that we have to joke about this stuff. We laugh because these horrible things happen. If we didn’t, how would we ever move on from them? How would we accept them? We laugh because they’re uncomfortable, because they’re terrible, but also because we believe in our ability to heal from all that shitty stuff. 

The first time I ever made a suicide joke, I felt so proud of myself. Because I could do it without hurting, and because it showed how far I’d come.

Now of course, I’ve never been raped. I understand that some people may be triggered by the jokes that I do. 

But I hope that eventually we all realize that we have to laugh at the horrible shit, too. Otherwise it’ll eat you up inside. Sometimes you have to just say fuck it, terrible things happen, but I won’t let them get the best of me. I won’t let that horrible fucking thing have the last laugh.

I will. 

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